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Check out for education (Social Commitment)

Contribute to a better future


check out for education

"Check out for education" is a
partnership between Hotel International and
Unity Foundation (NGO) with the objective to raise
funds for the education of  children living
in rural areas.

How does "Check out for education" work ?

Guests are asked to allow an extra EUR 1 donation to be added to their room bill. Guests who wish to donate more or prefer not to donate, can inform us at check out and the receptionist will happily accommodate their wishes.

Simple and effective

You will be surprised about how effective the programme is. Unity Foundation has a co-finance agreement with the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which basically means that for each donation of 1 EUR the government contributes an additional 2-3 EUR.

For example:



1 month school for
1 child, e.g. in Mali

1 €

 2 €

 3 €

Why do we support "Check out for education" ?

Our business is centered around people and therefore it is our strong desire to focus our energy on assisting the most valuable members of our society: children.
Education is the base for a better future and all children in the world should have access to schools. This is also one of the millennium goals set by the United Nations. Unfortunately, as to date, 1 out of 5 children does not have access to primary education.

In order to fulfill our commitment of contributing positively to building a peaceful global society we decided to support Unity Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit organization domiciled in Luxembourg, which is active since 1991 in educational projects worldwide. The foundation has gained the trust and confidence of many donors through the nature of the supported projects as well as through its effective and transparent management of donations. The foundation works with local partners who are specialists in the implementation and development of community schools—small schools which are owned by the local
population and provide education to children living in rural areas.

About the projects

The projects, which support initiatives originating at the grass-root level, are designed to empower the local population to take charge of their own educational needs and are, therefore, of a sustainable nature. The projects not only allow children to receive education but also focus on the training of teachers and raising awareness on the importance of education among the local population. Up to date Unity Foundation could assist in the development of 145 community schools in Mali, Malawi, Central African Republic and Indonesia,
with over 10.000 children enrolled!

For more information about Unity Foundation and its activities,
please visit:

Thank you for supporting
check out for enducation

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